Jena's a stay-at-home mommy and a freelance editor.
Grahm's an engineer.

She likes to blog and fix plot holes in manuscripts.
He likes to design complicated mechanical things she doesn't understand.

She wants to be an interior decorator.
He wants her to stop purchasing throw pillows.

She loves her alumn, the Oklahoma Sooners.
He loves them mostly because she would kill him if he didn't.

She loves to eat but hates to cook.
He loves to eat and wishes she could cook something besides mac 'n cheese.
They live in San Antonio, Texas where the sun is always out.

They love refurnishing old furniture that they find on Craigslist.

They love fart jokes.

They love to run. (She's done four marathons, and he's done a half.)

They just had their first child, Sawyer Marie, and she is light of their lives.

They're a few fries short of a double rainbow.

They're the Roaches!